Material Testing Laboratory performs:

    a) metallographic examination of steel and cast iron :

  • macrostructure assessment
  • microstructure assessment use a metallographic microscope

b) tests of mechanical properties of steels and cast irons :

  • static tensile tests at ambient temperature
  • toughness examination Charpy method at ambient temperature and below zero
  • hardness measurements by Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell methods
  • determination of the thickness of hardened layers by the method of hardness distribution


The group of Analytical Laboratories performs:

  • Study of materials for production and end product,
  • Control of the production process,
  • Product research,
  • Analysis of the chemical composition of the iron cast,
  • Analysis of the pickling solutions and flux,
  • Analysis of the composition of the atmosphere in the iron furnaces.

Environmental Protection Laboratory performs:

  • Physico – chemical analysis of water and wastewater.

Laboratory Supply of Materials and Strength performs:

  • Study materials and tools provided for production,
  • Research supplies of scrap steel,
    – tensile strength R m,
    – elongation A,
    – hardness HB,
    – strength impact,
  • Testing the strength of electrical power equipment .

Metallurgical Laboratory:

Determines the microstructure and strength of cast samples from the finished products .

Performs photographic documentation of all metallographic specimens .

It describes the structure of the species tested cast iron.

Measurements Laboratory performs:

  • measuring and testing equipment control – measuring,
  • measurements of the supply of equipment for the production,
  • measurements of foundry and machining , new or recycled,
  • measurement products in accordance with the terms agreed with the customer acceptance and control measurements in all dimensions,
  • control measurements for the thickness of zinc coating.